Family Constellations Individual Session

A family constellations session (also called systemic constellations or Familienstellungen in German) is for those who want to look at an aspect of their lives that causes suffering in any way through a new lens and give a step towards personal growth. It is a therapeutic tool with a brief, solution-oriented format that brings deep clarity and healing. 

May it be a repeated pattern in your life that you are wanting to shift, difficulties in relationships, a physical symptom, trouble in your professional life or any other circumstance in your life that is concerning you, a family constellation can help you unveil the disorder on a deep soul level that is contributing to said issue and shed light on the possible steps towards recovery, healing, success and order.


Duration: A single 2-hour session* (*Exceptions apply)
Platforms: Zoom / in person (Berlin-Steglitz)
Frequency: 1 single session*.  If after the session you would like to work on an issue that has emerged within a therapeutic process, you can read the details about the somatic therapies I offer here.
 The session can be fully in English or in Spanish. The client can speak German, however it is required that they understand English fluently as I will speak in English.


What is an individual session like?

It’s important to come to an individual session with a clear theme: you can constellate any repeating situation, like a problem in an interpersonal or family relationship, a work-related situation, a physical or emotional symptom, a pattern, etc.

Following a brief conversation where I help you pinpoint the theme, we use the paper footprints to do the constellation. 

With the help of wooden figurines or paper footprints which serve as anchors of information for the different elements of your topic, we can see what’s happening in the unconscious plane and what is the dis-order that is manifesting itself in the situation you bring to the consultation.

After placing the paper footprints on the floor, following my instructions, you will step on them and will feel the sensations and emotions of each representative. The information that emerges will allow you to have an idea of the true dynamic that exists behind the story you come with.

Finally and with the help of healing phrases, we will see what the necessary movement within the dynamic needs to be in order to place you in a position where love, health and success can flow in favor of life.



How does a Family Constellation heal my problem? 

Although Family Constellations feel like magic, they are not. I can’t foresee what the direct consequence of a session will be in terms of healing, but it begins to bring back order and opens space for possibility, abundance, health and love to begin to flow with ease in favor of life. 

On the one hand, when we have a problem, we have a narrative of what the problem is and all our efforts to solve it are done through that lens. What we see in Constellations, however, is that most of the time the real disorder is another one. Through a session you learn what the real situation is behind your problem. and you leave with a different view. That alone shifts your perspective, thoughts and consequent actions. 

On the other hand, a Family Constellations session creates a big energetic movement (this we can’t explain but we see the effects) for you and for all the elements or persons that appeared in your session. A law of systems is that when one of the interconnected elements changes position or shifts, the other elements “move” accordingly to accommodate the new distribution. That means that, while we can’t force others to change, when we ourselves move to a place of more order (e.g. going back to the place of the child, the partner, the sibling, the friend, the parent, etc.), we leave space open for others to consciously or unconsciously respond and accommodate accordingly.


What is the recommended frequency? Will I heal my issue after one session?

In constellations we see that “when it’s too much, then it’s nothing at all”. It means that we can only take in so much at once before we begin to freeze, numb or intellectualize. As a trauma-informed FC facilitator, my main concern is that you are able to integrate every step of the session. This means that some Constellations have a very clear outcome and the issue feels complete, and then there are some Constellations for deeper rooted issues that work in layers. However, that first layer that you will peel off still needs a long time to be integrated before you constellate again, and it will already begin to set powerful change and possibility into motion in your life. For this reason, the recommended waiting time after an individual session before you constellate the same or another issue is at least 3 months and after a group workshop 6 months.

The healing can come in different forms. For example, if you are constellating a physical symptom, it can be that it disappears, that it lowers, that the medical treatment you are having beings to work, that you learn about a new method you had not heard before, that you find a new doctor or practitioner that has the right thing for you, that you find peace around your symptom and you learn to live with it in a different way, etc. An FC session does not replace any medical, psychological or psychiatric treatment, it works as a complement.



If I come to a session, will we for sure do the Constellation?

If I find that any of the above mentioned reasons were not respected, we will not do the constellation, as my priority is to provide for you a space of care. However, if this happens, I will offer you suggestions, like: come back in some time, change your topic of request or have a somatic coaching session with me to help you find order, clarity or stabilization before we move on to do a Constellation.


Will I receive extra support after the Family Constellations session?

I offer therapeutic accompaniment through my somatic coaching sessions and if the type of follow up sessions that you need is something I can offer you, I will be more than happy to support you. I have experience working hand in hand with psychotherapists, psychiatrists, allopathic and ayurvedic doctors, chiropractors, coaches, energy healers in its various modalities, yoga and meditation teachers and other somatic therapy providers, which enables me to notice when something is inside or outside of my scope of practice. When something is not my specialty, I am always happy to suggest another professional field that you could benefit from.


What can you constellate?
  • A repeated pattern in your life
  • Difficulties in any type of interpersonal relationships
  • Any professional or work circumstance
  • Your relationship with money or sucess
  • Trouble getting pregnant
  • A physical or emotional symptom
  • Trouble selling a property / service
  • A symptom or behavior of your child (under aged)
  • Etc.
You can't constellate:
  • Something that belongs to someone else
  • The loss of someone if it has passed less than a year
  • If you are under psychiatric treatment and your psychiatrist/psychologist doesn't know you will do the constellation
  • If you constellated in the past 3 months 




*220 EUR 

* Sliding scale available starting at 170 EUR
Those who pay the regular rate allow me to offer the sliding scale to those who can't afford full price :)

* I offer payment plans. Have a question? Talk to me!

* Rates for people living in the US, Canada and Europe. Do you live in Latin America? Ask me for my Latin-American discounted rates.

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"Marianne, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the love that you gave us in the constellation, in a wonderful and loving way you allowed me to see what is happening in my life and thus begin the path of healing."

- Malena, 58 years old

Lima, Perú
"My first experience was super strong, it confronted me with old feelings not healed unconsciously, leaving open that chapter that did not allow me to move forward. I learned to see my life from another perspective in which the solution was in front of my eyes. I thank you very much Marianne for an experience that I feel changed my life! "

- F.A., 35 years old

Lima, Perú

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