I care about breaking the cycles of violence and pain individually, transgenerationally and collectively so that we can find peace in our hearts and expand into connection, health, softness, joy, pleasure and possibility.

It would be my honor to support you on your journey through one of my therapeutic, educational or consultancy offerings.

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About me

My name is Marianne Trauten and I am a peruvian-german holistic therapist based in Berlin since 2023, after having lived almost my entire life in Peru. I am specialized in systemic, somatic and trauma-informed consulting, family constellations and trauma-informed yoga with 7 years of experience and currently in training to become a Somatic Experiencing® provider. I am also an educator and I teach basic and advanced teacher trainings of Trauma-informed Yoga and Facilitation at two international Yoga Schools. I have long-term experience in interdisciplinary work as a researcher, team manager and architect in the field of social justice, vernacular architecture, indigenous knowledge and participatory work in Peru with my NGO Construye Identidad. Currently working exclusively in the Wellness and Healing field, I wish to combine my two expertisses to support interdisciplinary work in the field of Peace Building and Conflict Resolution.

I have lived 10 years with chronic back pain, anxiety and panic attacks, and although I have been trained in different schools, my body has been my greatest teacher - we are a team.

I tell you more about my therapeutic approach here.

I am currently also part of the faculty team in SoulWork and Karuna Tribu and I have accompanied the Family Constellations training from Espacio Dragma, Argentina, as an assistant.

  • Currently enrolled in Somatic Experiencing
  • Inherited Family Trauma Online Training with Mark Wolynn, USA 
  • Inner Activism: Embodied Living and Leadership 300hr Professional Training with Gather Sacred, Canada 
  • Certification in Trauma Sensitive Mindfulness with David Treleaven, Canada
  • 60hr Trauma-informed Yoga Teacher Training - Passion Yoga School + BodyWise Foundation, Costa Rica
  • 200hr Yoga Teacher Training at Akhanda Shakti Yoga - Passion Yoga School, Costa Rica
  • International Training in Family Constellations - Espacio Dragma, Argentina
  • Diploma in Systemic Approach to Complementary Therapies - Runawasi, Peru
  • Comprehensive training in Complementary Therapies - Runawasi, Peru
  • Architecture and Urbanism - Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú


“I totally recommend Marianne! I recently had a one-on-one constellation session with her to address a specific issue: a sharp pain in the bottom of the feet (plantar fasciitis). I have gone through many holistic therapies and in turn, many therapists; That is why I can say that Marianne is one of the most respectful, empathetic and loving therapists I have ever met. Their vocation of service and respect towards the patient can be perceived from the first moment. Also, speak in clear terms and try to be as didactic as possible when explaining a topic. Finally, it is nice to be able to perceive that the therapist is also a human being and Marianne shows at all times the humility that she carries with her. 100% recommended! Anyway I will go back to do more sessions with her! :) "

- Rebeca K, 30 (Peru)
“My experience in therapy with Manne has been healing and insightful. From the first day I met her, we connected in an incredible way and I can say that her support has been crucial in my personal development in the last year. Being able to approach me from Family Constellations has been a revelation and my healing process is due in large part to Manne's work and what we build and rebuild in therapy. Thank you, thank you, thank you <3. "

- Clarisa Núñez-Melgar (Peru)

“Dear Marianne, with this letter I sincerely wish to thank you for your infinite patience and understanding that you showed me when I needed guidance. You took me along a path of light towards a journey of physical and mental cognition, sowing in me the hope and certainty of a life full of love and serenity. I hope that you bring this magic to more people, because your light deserves to be spread for the greatness and goodness of your spirit. "

- Maria del Cisne, Italy

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