My therapeutic approach

Each and everyone of my therapists and teachers have contributed to my journey in invaluable ways, which is why I feel so honoured when I get to play that role for others. I take it very seriously and with great responsibility. 

I have a personal commitment to keeping my work aligned with the most authentic version of myself. From this place I am able to accompany you on your healing journey with empathy, humility and integrity.

The personal therapeutic process is a path that I consider sacred and that is why I want you to make sure if I am the right person to accompany you on yours. I understand that my approach may not be for everyone and that there is a suitable therapist and method for each person, which is why I am always happy to recommend or make a referral to one of my trusted colleagues when necessary.


Here are a few of the pillars of my work, so you can see if my style and skills resonate with you and what you are looking for.

Pillars of my approach
I am trained in a trauma-informed approach that takes into consideration the effects of trauma on the individual in order to prevent re-traumatization and create a space where you feel emotionally, physically and spiritually safe.


We are networked beings and we carry out various dynamics when we are in relationship with others. Even if you arrive alone for a consultation, I include in my gaze all that/those that surround you, and I pay attention to what place they occupy and how that impacts the concerns that you share with me.
I use the therapeutic space as an opportunity for you to learn more about yourself and your body, so that you can understand the science behind the process you are going through and remember that it is your birthright to have sovereignty over your body.
If we eliminated all those parts of you that are uncomfortable or wish would disappear, you would be left incomplete. I invite you to better welcome, heal and integrate these aspects of yourself, because when integrated you are able to approach life with an increased sense of strength and vitality.

My specialties

Although my work is not restricted to this, here are some of my specialties with respect to the services I offer:

Oftentimes, when we have overwhelming emotional experiences, we disconnect from our body in an attempt to stop feeling. Other times, physical symptoms such as hypervigilance, chronic pain, anxiety, lethargy, among others, appear. This can make inhabiting our body a confusing, uncomfortable or even unbearable experience.

The mechanisms of the body exist to preserve life, but some of these survival mechanisms remain even after the moment of crisis has passed. I utilize a trauma-sensitive approach, alongside the ancient practice of Yoga, mindfulness meditation, breathing techniques and somatic exercises, that is rooted in love and compassion. These approaches help inform the process of moving from a state of fragmentation (inner war, feeling of lack of control, mistrust and judgment) to create the conditions for your nervous system to regulate itself and allow the body to experience calmness and union. We will go little by little, taking slow but steady steps. Although you would like immediate changes, I promise you that the magic towards solid and lasting transformations is in the process.

This type of approach compliments medical, nutritional and physiotherapeutic treatment.


Conscious communication, also called non-violent communication, consists of relearning to be aware that we are talking and listening, and how we are doing it.

Your words are a thermometer of your internal world. With conscious communication we learn to identify and clearly express what we feel and what we specifically expect from a given situation, although doing so may feel very vulnerable. We learn to offer a safe space, where we can listen deeply and attentively, not only to others but to ourselves, and with this we foster respect, understanding and a mutual desire to connect from the heart.

It is to communicate consciously with yourself first so that you can practice towards others later.

Although I do not incorporate bio-energetics in the virtual sessions, my many years of experience as an energy healer informs my perspective of you as a complete being. This allows me to orient the therapeutic work that we carry out towards the alignment of your energy centers.
Thanatology - also called "The Good Dying" in Tibetan Buddhism - is the discipline that addresses the phenomenon of death and helps to understand its meaning. Its purpose is to face grief, eliminate fear, give fullness to life and to let (oneself) go. It is exercised from different disciplines (medical, psychiatric, religious, holistic, etc.) and each one focuses on a different aspect of that transit. From the holistic point of view, life has led me to be of service to accompany death processes both before, during and after the departure of the loved one, working both with the person who leaves and with the family.

I deeply believe that each person has a unique contribution to offer. But many times we have an outdated narrative of ourselves or a self-image built from the labels that others have put on us. I help you connect with your innate skills, discover what it is that ignites you that would like to cultivate in yourself and then share with the world.

Although I have not designed my therapeutic space for this purpose, I have 10 years of experience in being a spokesperson, speaker and accompanying the empowerment process of young adults in the field of social and environmental development with a focus on interculturality and social justice. If your calling is on that path, I am here to encourage you and help you gain clarity and the necessary resources.


When there is order, that is, when each member of a system is in the right place - in each family, in each company, in each organization - love, success, and abundance can flow in the favor of life. When they are not, everything feels more difficult, slow and heavy. Although we cannot force those around you to occupy a different place, we can see what your place of strength is within the systems you inhabit, and what movements you need to make or what actions you need to take to be able to relocate yourself within these systems.  Once you occupy this new place, you will feel lighter, stronger and with an enhanced desire to engage with life.


I am specializing in individual, transgenerational and collective trauma.

Trauma leaves broken connections, with yourself and with what’s around you. When something happened, either in a one-time event or over a long period of time, that felt too much, too fast, too soon for the resources that you had available at the time, your nervous system can remain overwhelmed, showing up as physical symptoms in your body or chronic emotional distress. This can happen to a single person, or to a small or large group of people that went together through the same traumatic event. It can affect one generation, or it can be passed down to more than one. 

I am trained to recognize the effects of trauma in the body and in our sessions, I will gently  guide you towards finding sovereignty and safety inhabiting your body again, while we foster compassion for your process. Should you need a specialized trauma therapist, I myself would point it out and recommend you to someone whom you can work with.


When something is not my specialty, I am always happy to recommend another professional with whom you can work with.

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